Plaza Special

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Ford Mustang


Asking price: € 16500

Chevrolet 3100


Asking price: € 31500

Renault 4 CV


Asking price: € 13500

Ferrari 360 Spider F1


Asking price: € 66500

buying a car - our advice

The purchase of a new car is always a big investment that you want to do with care. The reliability and safety of the car is always your main concern. Besides the feeling about the car, the entire picture must feel good. The car itself, the party selling the car and the story behind the car have to feel complete and right.

It is always a wise choice to buy your new car from an official brand dealer or a recognized (old-timer) specialist. If you decide to buy your new car from a private individual, it is a must to check the maintenance history or valuation report. If there is no maintenance history or valuation report available, do not take any unnecessary risk.

At Plaza Special we eliminate, as good as possible, these first uncertainties for you. This makes Plaza Special the best start for the purchase of your new car.

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